Using Fear As a Requirement for Succeeding

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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Instead of looking at fear as a burdened, look at it as a requirement for succeeding because it is!⁣

Think of it this way: failure is like school for real life. Every time you fail, you learn valuable lessons. When you fail, you move forward. You learn exactly what not to do so you can make adjustments and keep striving towards your goals. ⁣

You’re either moving forward or you’re moving backward. You always want to keep the momentum moving forward, even if that involves falling on your face. You’re inevitably going to fail on the path to whatever it is you want to achieve in life!

Trust me when I tell you this, I have failed so many times in my life. But all of my “failures” taught me invaluable lessons that brought me to where I am today. ⁣

So friends, please remember failure is not bad. It is necessary for success. ⁣

Cheryl Rhames Consulting